Voordele en nadele van die gebruik van Green Energiebronne

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Green Energy Sources

Wat is die voordele en nadele van die gebruik van Green Energy Bronne?

Vandag, ons is nou bewus van die gevolge van aardverwarming. Gelukkig, dit is nie te laat is en ons kan nog verander, wat is waarom so baie is besig om vir groen energie bronne.

Die voordeel van die gebruik van groen energie bronne is dat dit skoon, sodat dit nie uitstraal anything harmful into the air which has an impact on the environment. Dit is ook hernubare wat beteken dat ons nooit sal opraak dit in teenstelling met olie wat verwag word om droog te word in 'n dekade of so.

Although green energy facilities are expensive to build, it requires less maintenance so you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to operate it.

It can also bring economic benefits to certain areas even boost tourism.

While these sound good, there are some who say that there are advantages to using such technology.

While green energy sources can produce electricity, how much it can generate is not consistent. Dit is omdat ons geen beheer oor die weer, so as 'n sekere gebied staatmaak op sonkrag en daar is 'n weer versteuring, dit sal nie in staat wees om sonlig te omskep in elektrisiteit.

Building these facilities also requires a lot of land so we may have to cut on farmland which is what many are concerned about if more wind turbines are to be put up.

Another disadvantage is the fact that some of the green energy sources cannot be installed in certain areas of the planet. For instance, wave energy can only be utilized if the waves coming from the ocean reach at least 16 feet. The use geothermal energy can only be done in geologically unstable parts of the planet.

But if you look at such arguments, places that cannot use one form of green energy source can be substituted for another. If wind turbines need more space, they can be installed near the coast instead of putting these on land. A study shows that you can generate more electricity while these are in the ocean.

Terwyl die weer is iets wat ons nie kan beheer nie, Dit is nie aldag dat daar is 'n weer versteuring so ook dit sal slaag. If solar energy is being used and the sun is covered, die nood kragopwekkers sal geaktiveer word en gebruik die energie wat gestoor is.

The point is that there are ways around the arguments put by certain individuals which discourage the use of green energy sources. In werklikheid, research is ongoing to try and harness other means to generate the power we need.

A very good example of this is called ocean thermal energy. Power is generated by harnessing the different temperatures in the water. It is currently being used on a small scale both in Japan and Hawaii.

In the US, only 7% of green energy sources are used nationally. This was much higher 11 years ago and if we don’t have to worry about the cost of oil or even reduce our dependency on it, we have to invest more in this clean energy.

We can get it from green energy sources such as biomass, biodiesel, geothermal, solar, water en die wind. These are things we have all around us and all it takes is for someone to harness it instead of relying on traditional non-renewable means to produce energy.